Create your Cloud Server in a few clicks

Cloud Server at fixed cost

You will know exactly how much your cloud costs—no surprises

No contract—you will pay only for the period of time you need

Feel free to use it for one month, three months, or one year, and cancel whenever you don’t need it. Your data is yours and you can save it locally whenever you want

Operating System licenses

You don’t have to buy any OS licenses; we provide it to you, included in the service price

Ready in a few minutes

Choose your Cloud Server and deploy it in just a few minutes!

IPv6 address

We provide both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
based on your needs

Automatic backup included

You don’t have to buy backup software to back up your server data; we provide you a powerful backup system that allows you to save
4 backup points (daily, weekly, monthly, annually) for free

Firewall included

We include a powerful managed firewall
that allows you to configure any firewalling
rules you need

Managed services

We offer all managed services you may
require so you don’t have to carry about your Cloud Server security; leave it to
us to take care of it

About Secure Online Desktop

Secure Online Desktop was created in 2011 by a group of Italian engineers, experts in computer network security and data center scheming.